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What Is Memory Loss?

Michelle Brown

It is generally accepted that our brain functions diminish as we age, but does it really have to be that way? We here everywhere that we must experience some kind of memory loss and that's OK because it is just another symptom of the natural process of aging. Even though this process seems natural, it is very frustrating when you have to deal with memory loss either directly or caring for your loved ones.

Memory loss symptoms are most often manifested as initial forgetfulness. Where did I leave my wallet, did I bring my car keys? Of course we all experienced episodes like this, or maybe forgot a name of the TV show we watched the night before, or what we had for lunch yesterday.

As you know, we all have these temporary moments of memory not being there when we try to recall it, as we age it is definitely a good idea to watch for symptoms that occur more often and are more serious in nature.

Here is Greg Frost describing some of the general facts related to memory loss in general and how to be aware of the changes we experience as we notice these memory loss episodes.

Memory loss can happen to everyone, regardless of his or her age. You might be 30 years old but your memory capacity is only as good as your grandmother's. If this is happening to you, then something must be terribly wrong. The only problem is that once you are hit by memory loss, it is pretty tough for you to reverse the entire process.

When it hits you, then it hits you for good. Some said that memory loss has got nothing to do with your brain. Some people said that memory loss happens because you are not using your brain enough. Are these statements true? We shall reveal to you the relationship between memory loss and the brain.

Everyone hates the confusion caused when talking to a person with memory loss, particularly short-term memory loss. As much as you hate it, a person with short-term memory loss will find difficulties remembering what was being said within minutes.

Your neighbor came over one day and rant t you about the good soccer game with Manchester leading. You nod with glee at this expected goal. A few minutes later you paused, and innocently asked your neighbor “So, who won?”


Memory Loss And Aging

Up till today, experts have yet to learn the true cause of memory loss. However they believe that memory lapses such, as Alzheimer's disease are just the cause of normal wear and tear that happens as you age. Memory lapses due to old age cannot be stopped, but they can definitely be slowed down. As aforementioned, a person suffering from memory loss can face severe inconvenience and embarrassment, without a doubt.

Some have speculated that memory loss happens when we lose neurons and other brain cells as we age or when the brain cells are having difficulties communicating with each other effectively. Either way, none of these have been proven true.

However, it was discovered that mental congestion could be one of the causes leading to early memory loss. Mental congestion occurs when one practices multi tasking and information overload. The information is unable to get it in first place. This would mean that you would have a hard time remembering information and things a like.

What you can do instead is learn to not to rely on your memory and brain to remember when is the next meeting, and where are you suppose to meet your clients. The best way is of course to use the ever-trendy paper-and-pen method and jot all these information down for your future reference.

There are ways whereby you can improve your memory capability by practicing good habits, starting from now. Good habits would include having a balanced healthy diet that is topped with regular exercises. This might seem to you to be another diet guide, but the reality is that eating the proper kind of food will help to boost your memory power. Foods like broccoli, spinach and blueberries will help you with this.

All in all, our memory and how good we are able to retain information depends on a lot of factors. The complexity of the brain restricts us from finding the true relationship of the memory and the brain. However, what is more important is the ability to keep up a good memory and use simple techniques to prevent memory loss in the future.


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