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Memory Healer Program – Page 7

Michelle Brown

Memory Healer Program – Page 7 (total 100 pages)

Memory Healer Program Page 7

Memory Healer Program Review – Page 7

… you are looking to be the real you and live many years of being aware of yourself, your actions and more. The goal you may have is to hold onto and maintain a normal personal and social life. This is why your luck turns back to you because you have taken the first step towards your recovery.

Surely you have been told by doctors that AD can't be healed. This is a lie! Why should I be kinder and more diplomatic with this issue when I actually know the truth – the fact is that Alzheimer's disease can be reversed. The effects of this condition can be reversed to the point where you will feel just as you did before your diagnosis or before all of these problems started to show up in your life.

The problem with most doctors is that they don't think outside the box. It's easier to prescribe drugs and make money off them, than it is to actually help patients.

It's easier to prescribe the drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies that support the professional organization you are being a part of or the one that has funded your medical training, since, as a doctor, you and maybe your clinic will receive the biggest benefit of all. It's easier to do things by the book and never ask yourself any challenging questions. Remember one thing – drugs are addictive and the more you need them, the better it will be for the profits of pharmaceutical companies and the wallets of those who are supposed to be helping you.

Why research new therapies and why invest money in finding a cure when it's more profitable to keep those affected by AD or by other chronic diseases dependent on drugs for years? It's evil, but this is how the business works.

Luckily, not all the doctors and medical researchers are the same.

Alzheimer's, dementia and even a deteriorating memory are not caused by aging or oxidation in the brain, as you have been told by now. Instead, science is showing that there is one single enzyme striatal-enriched protein tyrosine phosphatase (STEP) which is raised in several different neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders, including…




Advanced Mental Wellness Kit - Global Healing Center

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